The second video in the 'Titu Talks' series had garnered over 17 Million views in 5 days

BB ki Vines’ Titu Mama aka Bhuvan Bam breaks records with Johnny Sins interview
We have all been tickled by the tongue in cheek humor that Bhuvan Bam’s character Titu Mama, based on Bam’s real life experiences, has regaled us in via his new YouTube show Titu Talks – a fun digital chat show that is bold, entertaining and interwoven with ‘no holds barred’ satirical content that is relevant to the millennials of today.
Making history with it’s first episode where Bam’s interview with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan garnered over 17 million views, the recently launched second episode with adult entertainment star Johnny Sins has broken the internet with 17 million view in just 5 days! 
“I was very excited to connect with Sins first over Twitter and then in person. He is a great person who is extremely hard-working and very cooperative. Surprisingly, he knows a lot about India! He didn’t bother to read the script (as expected) and went with the flow, even as I roasted him as Titu Mama,” mentions Bam, India’s larger YouTuber and creator of Titu Talks.
The super fun episode shows a lighter side to Johnny Sins as he answers some tough questions whilst Titu Mama launches into a full parody of his work as the most searched actor on incognito mode on the web. Interspersed with warm moments on how Sins began his journey and behind the scene revelations, the video also shares an LOL moment as Bam runs behind Sins masquerading with a measuring tape to decide who is the better… performer! 
On realising that most of the Titu Talks interviews are in Hindi, Johnny mentions, “I have seen a couple of Bhuvan’s interviews and it’s great to see his connect with his audience. Most of the mails of joining the adult industry come from Indian teenagers and when Bhuvan suggested that we shoot for this episode, I was only too excited.”
Bhuvan further adds, “Every international personality has accepted that India is their biggest market. While talking to Johnny I realised the same. He also helped me understand that the adult entertainment industry looks quite interesting from outside but can as easily take a toll on the person who’s a part of it. Much like any other public persona, one needs to be fit all the time and the pressure to perform better on camera affects their mental health as well. Titu Talks is all about pushing the envelope ins a responsible manner. Interviewing an adult film star was a definitely as risk, but Titu Talks has successfully brought forth the jovial side of Johnny Sins, something our audience has deeply loved and adored.”

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