Manasi Parekh to host a digital chat show with celebrity mothers.

Perizaad Zorabian as the first guest on Manasi Parekh’s brand new chat show!

Remember the free spirited, independent, powerhouse actress from Jogger’s Park, Perizaad Zorabian! The actress after her Bollywood stint, focused on her two adorable kids Zaha & Zayaan alongside actively looking after her family poultry business & theater. The mother of two & a successful entrepreneur will be the first guest on actress & singer Manasi Parekh’s brand new chat show.

Manasi Parekh quickly resumed after her short maternity break & started working on a format for her digital chat show with celebrity mothers, a light hearted & candid tete-a-tete.

Perizaad shares, ‘While we both had seen each other’s work, we connected instantly when we met in Thailand while we were holidaying around the same time. I vividly remember her bonding with my daughter back then when she was little, now 10. I’m excited & happy for her to conceptualize this format & sweet of her have to me as her first guest.’

The actress shares, ‘I am happy to support her. I see her enjoying her motherhood to the fullest & also pursue her passion. Her online presence is charming, real, her ethos, the new show will have a similar flavor & hoping it to strike a cord with the right audience, young mothers.’

‘I’m excited to go & talk about the years of motherhood, to share that it isn’t easy, you’ll feel many things at once, you might have a work-life balance, you might not, there are highs & lows but it’s a journey no matter what, ‘ Perizaad signs off.

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