Manasi Parekh the versatile actor known for her portrayals in TV and films is happy and satisfied of being part of the cast of the Gujarati film Kutch Express. Manasi has done TV shows like India Calling, Gulaal, Sumit Sambhal Lega and many more.

Kutch Express which is directed by Viral Shah features Manasi along with stalwart actor Ratna Pathak Shah. Highlighting a family drama, ups and downs in relationships, romance art and togetherness, this film is definitely set to touch hearts with its warm storyline.

Manasi had an extremely enriching experience working with Ratna Pathak Shah. “To work with a veteran like Ratna Pathak Shah was an experience I will hold onto forever. It’s her first Gujarati film, but she put in so much rehearsal that when she spoke the dialogue very well; it flowed absolutely naturally. She is super passionate, a perfectionist and demands nothing but the best from herself and everybody around her”.

On building a bond with Ratna Pathak through the shoot, Manasi shares, “We bonded brilliantly over our love for Gujarati food. Our days would start with discussions of what to eat for breakfast and lunch and then move on to the dialogues! And she would shoot night shifts, in tough terrain in the white desert like a pro, without any complaints. So much to learn from her”.

Best of luck, Manasi!!