PunToon Kids, a leading kid’s YouTube channel, has achieved a significant milestone by generating over 325 million views in the first quarter of the year, 2023. The brand boasts a substantial viewership on its platform, amassing over 3 billion views across all of its channels so far. Furthermore, their relatable and topical Indian Original productions have resulted in an incredible monthly average of 100 million views across all of their YT channels. This remarkable achievement underscores the growing popularity and appeal of PunToon Kids’ engaging and fun learning content for kids worldwide.

PunToon Kids, an all-in-one YouTube network aimed at 3-8-year-old children, offers some unique and highly entertaining videos that center on children’s daily lives and feature the adventures of its adorable characters, Gattu and Chinki. Gattu, a quirky and obedient 6-year-old boy, and Chinki, a curious and sincere 6-year-old girl, set off on a fascinating journey that not only entertains but also teaches children vital life lessons. PunToon Kids is a rich trove of kids friendly Original IP-based content inspired by everyday life happenings in an Indian household, covering a wide range of topics such as Fun Learning, Moral Stories, Mythological, Family-Centered, School Life, Creative Learning, and Indian Culture And many more.

Sourabh Kumar, Founder, and CEO of PunToon Kids said, “We had conducted in-depth research to understand our viewers’ content consumption patterns, and curated our content accordingly which has resulted in achieving this milestone. Our original Indian IPs bring to life unique narratives that encourage and entertain young audiences worldwide, reflecting our country’s rich cultural heritage; aim to drive industry growth and empower children with compelling storytelling.  He further added, “We continue to be dedicated to inspiring and developing local Ips that focus on the 3Cs (Culture, Curiosity, and Curriculum) and cover a wide range of relatable topics while entertaining children in different languages.”

The brand has expanded its content creation to include Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and English, catering to diverse language audiences. Moreover, PunToon Kids has plans to further expand into other languages in the near future, including Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, and Oriya, as part of its continuous commitment to reach more kids and families with its captivating and relatable content.