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5 Awesome YouTube Videos of Be YouNick

YouTube has been a great platform for aspiring artists. Moreover, it has given us the chance to look and try out different content altogether. That being said, we were awestruck by several YouTubers as well. One of them is Nikunj Lotia aka Be YouNick. He has been one of our favourites when it comes to humour and parody. We absolutely love his sense of humour and comedy sketches, which are so instant and prompt.

But, do you know who is Nikunj Lotia?

Well, Nikunj Lotia, who is as of now, a YouTuber, has begun his career from a very humble start. As per media reports, it is also found that Nikunj used to work as a bartender as he was tremendously broke. Nikunj is adored for his humble behaviour, he has owned millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel as well. He has also collaborated with several, well-known YouTubers and Bollywood actors. His content has been appreciated worldwide, and it’s worth it.

Today, we are up with Nikunj’s YouTube videos, that you would not like to miss! Check them out and subscribe to his channel, already!

  1. BYN : Instant Laughter 6
  2. BYN : Please Don’t Try This At Home
  3. BYN : Aaj Ka Arjun Feat. Arjun Kapoor
  4. BYN : International Khiladi Feat. Nargis Fakhri
  5. BYN : Video Call Gone Wrong Feat. Sahil Khan, Dolly Singh