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Arishfa Khan and Danish Zehen's friendship was a rather important topic of conversation when we all found out about his sad and unfortunate demise. But, we have some videos on TikTok to help us reminisce.

Arishfa Khan and Danish Zehen’s popular videos on TikTok


Arishfa Khan has been so important to the social media scene as well as the Indian Television circuit. She has made herself available to a lot of great people. And, she has a lot of very great friends. And, one of those friends, of course, was Danish Zehen. His friendship and close intimate relationship with Arishfa was no secret.

They were both the best of friends and this probably hit us harder when we found out that Danish had passed on. And, more than that when we saw what Arishfa had to say about the same. She was heartbroken, as were we. And, it was hard for either one of us to accept that such a beloved personality is now gone.

So, in Danish’s memory let’s have a look at Arishfa’s videos with him. Let’s honor their friendship and the great personality that Danish Zehen was.

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