Bhuvan Bam is a social media mogul. But that doesn’t stop him from speaking up and voicing his political opinion.

Bhuvan Bam and his controversial statements

Bhuvan Bam is a hilarious individual and has always been on the top on YouTube and social media. He is most likely also one of the most influential young personalities in today’s world. With a bank of close to 15 million followers under his wing, Bhuvan boasts a very robust portfolio when it comes to the following that he has. He has time and again proven that his comedic timing and talent is something that will always keep him on top. But, of late, he has also started dabbling in the fashion circuit. His photo shoots are viral and his sense of fashion is infectious, to say the least.

And, one can also say that he has no problem using his vast follower base to voice his opinions, some of which are pretty controversial. But as he has reiterated repeatedly that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. He has a very high grade educational basis for his opinions and his undoubted intelligence gives his knowledge and opinions a sense of credibility.

He is mature enough to empathize with the people who disagree and he’s intelligent enough to voice his opinion for what it is. He has seldom used his opinions on social media and propelled a movement or influenced people into changing their opinions as well.

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