Bhuvan Bam never fails to treat us with his hilarious videos. The reason behind the success of his videos is the characters, and the startling thing is they all are played by himself.

Bhuvan Bam And His Special Characters

Indian comedian, singer, songwriter and YouTube personality Bhuvan Bam is from Delhi. He is famous for his YouTube channel BB ki Vines. He is the Director of BB Ki Vines Private Limited and a designated partner at the company behind his channel merchandise, AMB Youthiapa LLP. Bhuvan became the first Indian individual YouTube content creator to cross 10 million subscribers in 2018. He started his internet career with the sarcastic video of a news reporter who asked a woman insensitive questions regarding the death of her son in the Kashmir floods, which got about 15 views on Facebook. Inspiration for him to create his own YouTube channel was that his first video went viral in Pakistan in 2015.

All the characters in BB ki Vines are played by Bhuvan himself. He depicts the life of an urban teenager and his whimsical conversations with his friends and family in 2-8 mins videos. He films his videos using his phone’s front camera.

Here are some of Bhuvan’s reappearing characters.

The protagonist named Bhuvan Bam himself.

Banchoddas “Bancho” Chhatriwala, Bhuvan’s best friend.

Sameer Fuddi, Bancho’s Cousin.

Babloo Ji, Bhuvan’s Father.

Jaanki Ji, Bhuvan’s Mother.

Titu Mama, Bhuvan’s Maternal Uncle.

Lakhan Chhatriwala, Bancho’s Father.

Babli Sir, Bhuvan’s School Teacher.

Mr. Hola, Antagonist.

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