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Bhuvan Bam’s online life is known by everyone. But, what about his life off social media? Let’s take a sneak peek into social media mogul, Bhuvan Bam’s past achievements and life.

Bhuvan Bam’s Early Life and Education

Bhuvan Bam was a singer in Delhi and Noida when he was very young. He became a very different personality after he found his calling. But, let’s take a look at where Bhuvan Bam rose from.

Bhuvan Bam has been singing since his budding age. And when he was in college he used to go and sing with his guitar at a local restaurant. And that was his daily earnings. Music had become his passion. But one day as he was watching the news he came across a reporter who was asking a mother who had lost her son some irrelevant questions. That was the time he thought of doing something about it and uploaded a video on Facebook. This video went viral and got many views. Bhuvan started his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines in 2015. And since then there’s no looking back. The Delhi boy got the attention he deserved and is now very popular among the masses. Most of Bhuvan content is targeted to young audiences.

He was born and raised in Noida and he went to a public school in that area. He was always the clown of the class as people would look to him to provide entertainment to the classes when things got boring. Through his intelligent humour or his amazing singing ability. But, he eventually cultivated his singing and made a name for himself in the Delhi open mic scene as a singer and then, he slowly got involved in the social media circuit and became the big sensation that he is today.

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