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Who Is CarryMinati? Why Is He So Famous on YouTube?

Well, if you are a regular social media user and a YouTube buff, then you are probably acquainted with the name CarryMinati. The guy who has been all over the news for his video YouTube vs TikTok, which has been taken down by YouTube. The video got 75million views in total, in just 24hours, which about made a global record. There’s been a lot of chaos after the video has been taken down. Carry’s fans took it to social media with a hype saying #justiceforcarry.

So, who is carry, if you are still pondering, then read below to know who Carry is.

CarryMinati was a gamer, he is one still. CarryMinati is known as Ajey Nagar, who has been into YouTube since he was just 10 years old. He is a professional rant man, who explicitly roasts celebrities and other personalities based on their content. He has won hearts after he roasted Deepak Kalal and Dhinchak Pooja. He has earned more than 21million subscribers on YouTube. He has come a long way and received appreciation globally from different YouTubers. His video has been instrumental for TikTok’s rating down, though it eventually rose back to normal.

We have lined up some of his videos down below, check them out and let us know if you consider him the best roast-maker like us!

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