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Siddharth Nigam has been absolutely incredible at being the style icon of the youth. A role he only recently picked out for himself.

Decoding Siddharth Nigam’s fusion style

We regularly come across daily soap entertainers on Indian TV, who win our love ever since they originally show up on-screen. One such entertainer who stands apart from the rest for us is Siddharth Nigam and we are here to reveal to you why we are totally in wonder of the star. Siddharth Nigam’s amazing body is not the only reason we are in love with him. It is also his amazing sense of fashion and clothing. He has been spotted in the oddest combos of clothes. Mixing up, western and traditional clothing to an extent where it seems ridiculous but if anyone else were to wear it. But, because the person inside those clothes is one of the greatest teen icons of all time, we fall in love.

And, also because he has the body that can make you swoon three times over. But, one has to agree that his sense of clothing does automatically make him hotter and nicer to be around and look at. It’s this uncanny sense of clothing that makes him more unique than an average Joe. It is evident that Siddharth fusing his clothing style between Western and Indian makes him look much hotter and because of that he bumps himself further up the “crushability” scale.

Siddharth Nigam and his fashionability has been acknowledged by us and now it’s time to praise him for it.

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