You Definitely Are A True Mirzapur Fan If You Can Get Through This Quiz

Are You A Die Hard Fan Of Mirzapur? Take A Test

One web series that is widely known across the country was released on Amazon Prime and called Mirzapur. People all over India seem to love this show mainly because of its dialogues and the way the actors in the series delivered those dialogues. The storyline of this show is what makes it truly stand out from the rest of the web series out there.

Another thing that fans find it hard to get over in this very series are the plot twists that take place from time to time. The story depicts two families living in a city called Mirzapur. One thing to remember about the city is that it has no laws being followed there. Hence the incidents that the series is mainly based on are the crimes that take place in the city, which consist of drug abuse, violence and other crimes. The show has a whole dedicated fan base for itself.

If you too are one from the Mirzapur fan base, you will definitely be able to answer a majority of the questions from the quiz given below.

Q1-When did Mirzapur first release?

Q2-Who in the series wins the college elections?

Q3-Who is in the main cast of the series?

Q4-Who is the one who discovers Beena’s affair with the servant Raja?

Q5-Who gives orders to Munna to kill Kaleen Bhaiya?

Q6-Which is your favourite scene in the series?

Q7-What is the main message the series has put across to you?

If you were successfully able to answer all of the above given questions, you are a true fan of Mirzapur. Stay tuned with us for more exciting quizzes like these.

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