Emraan Hashmi the star performer, will for the first time in his career be seen in an out-and-out action role, the role of Kabir Anand, a spy and intelligence officer in Netflix’s upcoming espionage thriller Bard of Blood.

Based on a book of the same name by Bilal Siddiqui, ‘Bard of Blood’ follows Kabir, an erstwhile hostage rescue specialist, formerly a part of the Indian intelligence, as he races against time on a mission to save his country. Especially after reading the book, Emraan was determined to take up all the challenges that came across to do full justice to the character of Kabir Anand.

Emraan Hashmi has a special connect with the book about which he addresses, “I had launched Bilal’s book almost five years ago. I read the book after the launch, at that time it wasn’t sanctioned for a Netflix show, later it was. The cherry on the top was that I was cast as Kabir Anand. I started liking the book back then when I was reading it and was engrossed in the world of Kabir Anand.”

To essay this character, Emraan had to prepare both physically and mentally to accurately portray the role of a spy. He had to delve deep into the discipline that goes into learning the body language of an intelligence agent. From something as complex as learning new and varied action sequences to something as simple as holding a gun in the correct manner, he had to train for everything in the quest for perfection.

Emraan’s dedication and hard work has shone through in every frame of Bard of Blood, which will leave the audience wanting more.

Bard of Blood streams on Netflix on 27 September and will be watched by 151 million users across 190 countries.