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Bhuvan Bam, the social media mega star has recently gotten great acclaim for doing a short film called, Plus Minus.

Everything you need to know about Bhuvan Bam’s Plus Minus

Plus Minus, this is a short film about two people, Harbhajan ‘Baba’ Singh (Bhuvan Bam) & Dimpy (Divya Dutta). The story of the short film is very simple, as two strangers travel together in a train and the relationship they end up having with each other through the journey. It seems like an easy to follow and simple storyline, but, it turns into something much more heartfelt and personal by the end of the short film.

With stellar performances from both of the main cast members in, Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutta it is no surprise that this short film has been taken well by the audiences. It has gotten a lot of great responses and a lot of people have appreciated the film for its subtle art of storytelling and it’s very strong thematic undertones. It hints at a very simple idea of how every plus (+), has two minus signs ( – ).

Being one of the more well-written short films of late, we here at IWMBuzz certainly think that you should check it out right away if you haven’t already.

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