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Bhuvan Bam has already established himself as a style icon. But, these facts will blow your mind.

Facts About Bhuvan Bam That Will Make Girls Go GAGA

Before we get into his fashionable persona. It’s important to introduce Bhuvan Bam to those of you who don’t know him. He is a very very popular Youtuber with more than 15 million subscribers. Bhuvan’s amazing personality and his great hold on the masses is what has gotten him so far. He has made it this far all by himself, even though his modesty won’t allow him to accept it. Bhuvan is a self-made man more than anything.

His work ethic and creative production are second to none. One of the biggest entertainer and YouTube comedians we could ask for is not just a comedian. Yes, you heard it right! He also has a great voice, and his fashion sense is beyond comparison. His Instagram account does the talking for him.

Bhuvan Bam won the award for the Most Popular Channel on YouTube at the WebTVAsia Awards 2016 held in Seoul, South Korea. He was felicitated by the Hindustan Times at the first edition of their Game Changer Awards. He was also nominated for the award of being the most influential social media personality two years in a row at our IWMBuzz Awards.

So, as we can see Bhuvan’s efforts in the digital media scene have not gone unrecognized. He has been appreciated by national and international institutes. His incredible merit as an influencer and as a social media personality is something that cannot be taken lightly at all. He’s going to get an amazing amount of attention from people around him. Especially the ladies.

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