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The web space has grown tremendously in India, but not all of these serials would quite qualify as gold mines of concept, content and direction.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Indian Web Series

The recent Indian TV series’ change has seen a great height but has it really developed totally or is it just a perception? Well, we have a lot of sources providing some really mind-changing instances and time and again peaking interest of the viewers and expanding our horizons. But like every other entertainment source, even web series have their set of ebb and flaws. Some are mind-blowingly amazing while we end up too raw and unshaped for the audience!

While there are a lot of web channels that show a very educating and entertaining series that stays back with us even after the seasons have ended, there are also those channels that show the same old melodramatic, misogynistic and stereotypical notions. Just like ‘Pitchers’ has seen an absolute growth and is still a hit, on the other hand, Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji is following the same old ‘saas bahu’ tradition and giving the audience a picturesque view of only sex and booze – which are so not the only thing persisting in today’s world.

It is very difficult to stay glued to a series that revolve around similar plots and concepts but they give us no new fodder to feed our minds!
Just like ‘Permanent roommates’, ‘Man’s World’, ‘Better Life foundation’ are giving us some major and very fresh TV series goals, there are series like ‘DevDD’, ‘Boygiri’ and more, which are still showing us how the same old thing can be repeated and this contradiction is quite appalling to all the viewers. Only the Nimrat Kaur starrer, ‘the Test Case’ would make a serious change we hope, and we are definitely going to add that AltBalaji has a bright future and we could expect more series like ‘The Test Case’ entertaining us in the near future.

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