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How much does Sanam (Band) earn?

“During confabulations with filmmakers, they do make suggestions and alterations are made here and there. But by and large, there have been no serious differences. So far, only I have been roped as a singer in films but we perform as a band to the same music in performances. We are open to the idea of performing as a band in a film. We do not see any contradiction in this.” Says the vocalist, Sanam Puri, who has prolifically lent his voice in numerous Bollywood movies, but has gotten a steady YouTube channel, that calls Sanam by name! but gives equal prominence to all its members!

It is a Bombay based band, that has reached out throughout the nation and is prominent in every culture. Their band showcases a very cool and comfortable ambience in their music videos, gotten millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Sources say the band charges around 20lakhs to perform for 180mins, and earn around $5.1K – $81.8K per month through his YouTube channel and $61.4K – $982.1K annually!

Well, that’s a fortune, but yeah, they worth it!

Here are some of their YouTube videos!


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