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Prajakta Koli and BeYounick's secret connection revealed

Prajakta Koli’s secret connection with BeYounick

Prajakta Koli and BeYounick are popular digital stars and have been ruling on YouTube with their unique content.

They entered the digital space at a time when only a handful of people knew about it. Today, they have surpassed millions of subscribers and followers on their YouTube accounts.

Prajakta aka ‘Mostlysane’ is a famous Youtuber. She has over 3.3 million subscribers, making her YouTube channel MostlySane the biggest Indian female-run comedy channel.

Nikunj Lotia aka Beyounick, also nicknamed as Nick is a YouTuber prominently known for short comedy videos with his team members. He has gained over 3 Million Subscribers on his YouTube channel named BeYouNick. Nikunj gained popularity with the Mauka Mauka video.

Prajakta and Nikunj are great friends and also amazing performers. They always create fun and entertaining videos for their fans. They often collaborate with each other and make interesting videos.

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