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Arishfa Khan has proven herself to be an incredible powerhouse of talent, time and again. It is now time to recognise and appreciate her.

Reasons why Arishfa Khan is tagged as the powerhouse of talent

Arishfa Khan, the 18 year old social media sensation, is at it again. Her popularity is because of her ability to tap into the right pulse of the audiences. This is a talent that one picks up through years of being in the industry and learning from people whoโ€™ve been there for a long time. But, another major part of her popularity is of course her beauty. Arishfa Khanโ€™s sense of fashion is an important aspect of her success. She knows when to pick what clothes and that is something we can all pick up from her. Arishfa has established herself as a teenage fashion icon. She has turned herself into a diva all in her own right.

She is a talented actress and more than that a very keen follower of the market of fashion and that is how she motivates herself to stay relevant. Her talents are second to none in that she has received several accolades and awards for her efforts both as an actress as well as a social media influencer.

Kudos to Arishfa for getting so far in her endeavours as an artist and we here at IWMBuzz wish her luck.

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