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Barot house is a movie that stars Amit Sadh and Manjari Fadnnis in the lead roles. The film was released on 7th August 2019 on Zee 5 original OTT platform.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Amit Sadh-Manjari Fadnnis’ Barot House

The movie is being directed by Bhargava ‘Bugs’ Krishna. Belonging to the horror genre of movies, this movie is scary and stimulating at places. There are a few reasons which could compel you to watch the movie which is a mystery thriller revolving around the family of the Barot:-

1) Based on true events

The flick is based on true events and derived inspiration from real-life incidents. So those who like to watch reality-based movies, will certainly like this nonfictional drama involving a couple and their kids.

2) Lead actors as a couple

Amit Sadh and his wife onscreen, Manjari is truly amazing as a couple. Amit Sadh is a very powerful performer and has been part of various Bollywood super hits like super 30, Kai Po chi, Sultan and gold. Even in this movie, Amit has created his magic through his acting skills and perfection.

Similarly, Manjari is also so very selective while choosing her performances/ roles. In this movie again she has made a remarkable impression on the viewers with her acting skills. She has been working with theatres, films, television, web, and music videos. In her every role, she has justified herself as being the best choice for the role. In the movie, she is being featured as the mother of four. With her expressions and range of skills, she has made an everlasting impression on audiences.

3) Excellent production team

Actor-director Bhargava Krishna is the creator of the movie. He has been an advertising creative director, writer, at film and theatre personality himself who have donned the cap of film director now. Sanjeev Jha is the screenplay writer for Barot house who has been involved in writing for various film stories.

4) Understanding family relationships

As Zee TV 5 has been rendering remarkable content for its audiences based on suspense and thriller, Barot house will set your nerves pulsating. Watch the movie as it will give you goosebumps and chills throughout the movie. All emotions of love are involved in the movie which is primarily suspense thriller.

5) Nice family drama

Besides action, thriller, suspense, and comedy, movie have brought about family bonding and relationship as the essence of life.

The movie features a good bond between father and son and mother and her daughters. Family life changed for good as their happiness is quite short-lived. watch the series to know the reason behind.

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