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Let's find out whose TikTok videos are better Riyaz or Siddharth 

Is Riyaz Aly A Better TikToker Than Siddharth Nigam?

TikTok has given us incredible stars to cherish in a lifetime. Two names that we can’t ignore are Riyaz Aly and Siddharth Nigam. We can’t help but watch their TikTok videos on a repeat mode.

Riyaz Aly, the TikTok star with the highest number of followers as of now. He is quite popular among the youth of the nation. He is a great dancer and actor. Riyaz Aly has wowed us with his TikTok videos and classy fashion sense. We love to watch him!

Here is a TikTok video of Riyaz Aly

@riyaz.14What’s up 40million fam💪🏻♥️ ##riyaz ##duetwithriyaz♬ Pistol – goalsounds

We already know that Nigam possesses a huge fan following on Instagram, well the credit goes to his splendid posts which are a full and full enjoyment for his fans. Siddharth is additionally a fitness freak, his Instagram page is overwhelmed with his exercise videos, he also possesses a YouTube channel, where he consistently posts of his exercise and workout videos and furthermore let his fans know about his everyday exercise schedule.

Here is a TikTok video of Siddharth Nigam

@siddharthnigam13How many flares 🔥##siddharthnigam ##aladdin ##ashoka♬ nursery – bbno$

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