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Sang Hoon Tere Vs Paas Hoon: Which Is Best Bhuvan Bam’s Song?

Bhuvan Bam, the creator of BB Ki Vines, who has revolutionised the Indian YouTube scenario, BB was the first one to introduce us to the concept of Vines, before it was only available in the western countries. BB has started his career from being a Restaurant singer and now he is the BB. He is a great actor, singer, lyricist and a comedian. His humour is absolutely commendable, and his different incarnations in his vines are worth the watch.

Apart from his vines videos he also has uploaded some his music singles on his YouTube channel. And they are no way a must listen! Especially, Sang Hoon Tere and Pass Hoon, both the music videos have reached millions of views. Bhuvan’s music videos categorise a beautiful story every time so that the listeners could relate, and that’s what makes his videos perfect and worthy!

Here are the two music videos, listen and watch and let us know how do you feel!

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