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Bhuvan Bam is killing it. He knows exactly what he is doing both as a Youtuber and now as a fashion model.

The secret of Bhuvan Bam’s popular?

Bhuvan Bam, the most popular YouTuber in the country, is most likely also one of the most influential young personalities in today’s world. With a bank of close to 15 million followers under his wing, Bhuvan boasts a very robust portfolio when it comes to the fan following that he has. He has time and again proven that his comedic timing and talent is something that will always keep him on top. But, of late, he has also started dabbling in the fashion circuit. His photo shoots go viral and his sense of fashion is infectious, to say the least.

A large part of his followers are highly influenced by his work. In fact, his influence is so deep that he has actually had impersonators that have tried to imitate his performances in their videos. Most of them are not very good. But, there are some who manage to get certain aspects of his personality absolutely correct. But, that is not quite what makes Bhuvan’s humour funny. It’s actually his essence and comic timing, even his ability to be the quintessential version of himself in his videos.

He is also a very gifted singer and he is very fashionable and has been recognised as such only recently. Bhuvan has received great many accolades both Nationally and Internationally for his contributions to the world of social media.

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