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In the vast ocean of crime, psychological and thriller web series, Netflix comes up with a dystopian drama, Leila. Leila is becoming popular among viewers because of its relatable take on the consequences of the recent scenario in India.

Top moments from the dystopian drama Leila

However, many viewers are criticizing it equally due to its portrayal of religion in a negative way. But the intense and powerful political narrative of the realistic future makes it exceptional. They successfully maintain the thin line between Hinduism and Hindutva. Moreover, some of the strong and vigorous moments from Leila are famous throughout the internet. Huma Qureshi, Siddharth, Rahul Khanna, and other’s terrific acting is the reason behind this popularity.

Summing up the education system in India. Thus, it portrays the small but important difference between learning and getting educated. The work of teachers or professors is to educate not to teach. However, the new generations are lacking day by day in understanding the value of this system.

When Shalini gives a reality check through a few lines of poetry. The ghazals about poetry and war by Faiz Ahmed Faiz holds up a mirror to the deteriorating condition of India or wold. Moreover, this scene makes it the reality so vivid, it is scary and difficult to ignore.

Bhanu, the voice of the rebels. We, the common mass keeps criticizing and pointing out the reasons behind the destruction of the world. We wake up in the dangerous reality and starts fighting only when it affects us. However, Bhanu represents the rebels who actually questions the society and the government. They “fight on behalf of everyone”. Not for themselves.
These are some of the tremendous scenes and moments from Leila that strikes a chord in our minds. Thus, this dystopian web series makes us think about what we are going to face in the near future.

If you still haven’t watched the series, go for it!!! It’s worth watching.

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