Uber reacted to the popular tweet as well.

Have you ever had your father phone you to ask how and where you can watch the latest web series or your mother ask you how to place an online order? Here’s a father who may have faced a similar problem, but went above and above to assure he wouldn’t face it again. He jotted down some ideas.

A Twitter user shared his father’s notes on how to book an Uber in a tweet. The tweet is accompanied by a photo of the steps written on a diary page.

The tweet has subsequently sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter, with various people sharing their thoughts.

Consider the following tweet:

The post, which was shared on September 14, has received over 8,800 likes and many responses from Twitter users. Uber responded as well. Here’s what they said on Twitter:

“This is so wonderful to see! Yet, also feel that product teams are leaving a whole section of users behind. We need to serve our elderly users better,” a user commented. “Paper >>> Technology… Tip for Uber… offer instruction set postcards in cabs for users to take home. My dad took a lot of time to adjust to the smartphone from feature phone. Biggest fear if something wrong will happen,” added another user sharing a suggestion.

What are your thoughts on this tweet?

(Image credits: Twitter)

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