Check out: Siddharth Nigam's Bathtub Video Oozes Oomph!

Siddharth Nigam’s Bathtub Video Oozes Oomph!


Siddharth Nigam aka our very own Aladdin never fails to impress us. He is a crush of millions of young girls and there’s no wonder why. Many of his female fans have revealed that Siddharth is their prince charming and the prince of their dreams.

Siddharth was earlier seen as Prince Chakravartin in Chandra Nandini and now he is seen as Aladdin from Aladdin-Naam Toh Suna Hi Hoga. Siddharth has also appeared as young Samar/Saheer in Dhoom 3.

Siddharth has been an inspiration for many young boys. His fashion sense is impeccable and has got a unique style quotient. He is also a fitness freak and has also shared one of his training videos on his Instagram page.

Today have a look at this video where Siddharth Nigam’s Bathtub Video Oozes Oomph!

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