Check the viral video of a man joining a street singer at Delhi's Connaught, singing the famous song by B Praak from Kabir Singh, while netizens are feeling awe

Viral Video: A Man Join A Street Singer At Delhi’s Connaught Singing Together The B Praak Song Mann Bharya, Netizens Lovestruck

A Delightful video of a man joining a street singer to lovingly sing the famous Kabir Singh film song Mann Bharya by B Praak. The video starts with a street singer beggar singing the Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer film Kabir Singh’s song Mann Bharya. Meanwhile, a man joins him to sing the beautiful saga and embrace their love for the song. The beggar plays the guitar while the man keeps singing. And surprisingly, his voice has magic. So the duo sang, tuning into the song.

The video is rapidly attracting attention on the web. This clip is from Cannaught place in the capital of India, Delhi. The clip was shared on India Today with the caption, “Man joins street musicians at Delhi’s Connaught Place for an impromptu singing session on B Praak’s ‘Mann Bharrya'” the video has accumulated thousands of likes since being shared. And it will keep on gathering the audience’s attention.

The video also has many amazing comments. One user said, “music is the medium which connects directly to the almighty, and when connected to the Almighty, everyone is equal and connected.” The second one wrote, “Music unites everyone.” “Beautiful,” said the third person. “That’s good,” wrote the fourth one.

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