After a video showing singer Katy Perry‘s eyelid appearing paralyzed during a live performance leaked, her fans began to worry. In the now-viral video, Katy Perry stops mid-performance while on stage in Las Vegas recently and experiences an eye problem.

Fans are now worried for the singer’s health after the 38-year-old was seen in the middle of the performance appearing to have an eye issue. The video shows Katy trying to raise her eyelid back to its original position as it abruptly closes while wearing a silver outfit with corset details that are inspired by shiny tin cans.

She may be seen touching her cheek with her hand to make her eye stand back up. She pulls out her microphone and resumes her performance when the eye finally seems to be returning to normal.

The TikTok video has received 7.1 million views as worried fans try to determine what specifically happened to the singer’s eye. “Why is it flawed? Is she unwell or what? “a Twitter user wrote.

While fans were concerned for Katy Perry, many speculated that her eye malfunction could have been caused by her false eyelash glue stick, which had stuck her eye shut. Others thought her eyes were dry, and she could have had a migraine or an eye spasm caused by stress or fatigue.

However, many social media users attributed the singer’s current eye malfunction to ‘wonk’s eye.’ Katy Perry revealed on American Idol last year that she had wonk’s eye.

However, the singer has yet to respond to the raging controversy and has not issued an explanation.

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