Released in 1996, the Nintendo 64 soon gained popularity thanks to its ground-breaking 3D graphics and playability. With the help of this new technology, well-known games like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda were redesigned, enabling players to discover areas like Hyrule in previously unfathomable ways.

It took some time for Nintendo to ultimately distribute N64 titles on the Nintendo Switch Online service, unlike NES and SNES games. The N64’s library is packed with captivating adventures that are still enjoyable to play today. However, access to these games does come at a small additional cost. While many of the N64 games that are currently available on the Switch are excellent, others still seem enchanting and thrilling as they did when they were first published over three decades ago (a new game is released around once a month).

Mario Tennis

During the N64 era, Mario spent a lot of time idle. The plumber spent the rest of the 1990s partying with his buddies and picking up new pastimes like tennis when Super Mario 64, which debuted alongside the console and instantly became a classic, was released. Mario Tennis is a fantastic sporting title with a tonne of entertaining modes and mini-games. After a few matches, the controls and principles are simple to understand, and playing by yourself or with friends is a blast. Waluigi made his video game debut in Mario Tennis and has since grown to be one of Nintendo’s most well-liked and captivating recurrent characters.

Star Fox 64

When Star Fox 64 debuted on the N64 in 1997, it was among the console’s most remarkable and captivating games. One of the first games to use the Rumble Pak addition, which gave it a really immersive feel, was this one. Its branching path concept also made it one of the best games to play repeatedly while searching for hidden objectives and paths. Sadly, Star Fox 64 hasn’t held up as well over time as other N64 titles. Its campaign can be completed in a few hours, but without a guide, locating hidden paths might be very difficult. It would be wonderful to see the Switch version of Star Fox 64 because it was redone for the 3DS and has much better graphics and voice acting.

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap is a distinct title in the N64 collection and one of the first to incorporate photography into the gameplay. You take on the role of Todd Snap, a photographer recruited by Professor Oak to explore Pokemon Island and take pictures of the critters that live there. It’s amazing to see Pokemon interact with one another in their natural environments, and it’s always enjoyable to use things to change their behavior. However, Pokemon Snap is a remarkably brief experience, much like Star Fox 64. The campaign may be finished in a few hours, but the charming story and fantastic gameplay are worth the little trip.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

The sole Kirby game made for the N64, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, is also one of the pink hero’s best journeys. It has a tonne of imaginative and colorful stages, catchy music, and numerous hidden trinkets that are well worth looking for. Even several mini-games that are fun to play with friends are included in Crystal Shards.

Mario Kart 64

Super Mario Kart was a decent game, but Mario Kart 64 was able to build on every concept from the first game to produce a wild racing game that is still well-liked today. It offers online multiplayer via the Nintendo Switch Online service and hosts some of the best music from the series. Although Mario Kart 64 is frequently recognized as one of the best N64 games, the Switch version is superior. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers stunning visuals and a wonderful soundtrack and even includes retro N64 tracks that have been cleverly redesigned, so they seem brand-new. Although it’s entertaining to jump into Mario Kart 64 for a journey down memory lane, it’s not quite as polished as its contemporary counterpart.

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