FIFA Mobile game is a football simulation video game. The video game is developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and released by EA Sports for iOS and Android. The game was launched on 11 October 2016. Earlier it was FIFA Ultimate Team mobile games. In 2017 November 2017, EA finished its support for FIFA Mobile on Windows devices.

The gameplay introduces a “VS Attack” where players majorly play the match’s offensive stages. In addition, they defend against counter-attacks from the opposition. The game also features LIVE Events, which are themed as Champions League and other leagues around the world. FIFA Mobile was improvised several times.

The game allows you to create your own game. This is the most famous and fan-favorite feature of the game. You can choose from up to 650 real worlds. In addition, there are options to buy and sell players in the game. This provides a large interest in the game. Other features include realistic graphics, online player mode, big playgrounds, better controls, challenge mode, leagues, season objectives, and many more.
Also, this is the version of the game where you will be able to get access to multiple features that will help to improve your game, from buying players to earning coins with your performance.

This is a must-play game for Football lovers.

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