Elden Ring listing the Xbox site characteristics Xbox Cloud Gaming play button will allow users to play games with Xbox Cloud Gaming very soon.

Initially, Microsoft plans to enlarge the Xbox Cloud Gaming library to include non-Game Pass titles purchased for a long time by users, with the company completing the plans in June 2022.

While the expansion will arrive soon.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is an amazing platform that allows a user of Xbox Game Pass subscribers to play several games on mobile devices, windows, PCs, etc. While the drawback was earlier, you could only play games available in the Xbox Game Pass Library. This restricts the users from playing non-Game Pass games.

However, things might be changing soon as the Xbox Cloud Gaming play button features allow the user to play restricted games.

Microsoft announced that the expansion would come off later this year, but as per the latest discovery observed on the Elden Ring webpage, there is a big chance it may be released within weeks.

Elden Ring landing on Xbox Cloud Gaming will be exciting for many users as world action RPG has proven to be one of the biggest games of 2022. However, over 13.4 million copies have been sold, and we are sure the users will love to explore the Lands Between using the cloud.

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