Eagle Gaming is a PUBG, BGMI, and COD player from India. His Instagram page, eagle. Gaming has articles about the most recent Esports Competitions, Trending BGMI Videos, product reviews, and more. He is well-known on Instagram and other social media sites. He really enjoys traveling, blogging, and playing online games. He has a great deal of passion for playing online games. Eagle Gaming didn’t ask any seasoned players for advice or assistance when he first began playing internet games. Instead, he relied on his skills and was extremely passionate about leaving his mark on the web with his work. But he also faced several difficulties on his trip. Eagle Gaming has worked with numerous reputable and well-known brands of clothing, electronics, and mobile devices. He has a huge fan following on his social media platforms. His admirers and followers adore him for the insightful and informative content he produces. On Instagram, Eagle Gaming has amassed more than 200K followers, and its YouTube channel has 400K subscribers. He was born in Kerala, India’s Pathanamthitta.

He began playing GTA 5 In role-play using the MGRP server, and he is currently utilizing the TKRP server. On his Loco and YouTube channels, he streams every day. His accomplishments include being the three-time champion of the Kerala PUBG League with club MRZ (Marcellus). He aims to increase his popularity among his Intence clan as part of his main strategy.

Sadly, there is no information available regarding his financial worth. His primary sources of income are sponsorships, Loco, and YouTube. His monthly income is reportedly between $50,000 and $60,000.

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