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Every aspect of the previous decade is being relived as the nostalgia for the 1990s floats steadily on the internet. Why not, too? Certainly a fascinating decade, the 1990s. Along with the TV series, cartoons, and movies that the 1990s gave us, we also have spectacular video games to look back on. The 90s saw the birth of what has now developed into a fully developed, multi-billion dollar market for high-tech gaming consoles. Here are the top video games from the 1990s that really brightened up our childhood!

Gran Turismo

Ridge Racer and Daytona USA were important in popularising 32-bit, textured, 3D graphics, but Polyphony Digital’s painstakingly realistic racing game deserves a spot on this list. Gran Turismo fundamentally changed the direction of console racing game design by offering an extensive selection of meticulously detailed automobiles, a complicated handling model, and an emphasis on increasing the player’s driving skills through a variety of license exams.

Fallout 2

The first two Fallout games were violent, interesting, and masterfully crafted depictions of a bleak future for humanity that were released before post-apocalyptic settings got worn out and dull. After nuclear destruction, you emerge from a vault and walk out into the wastes of the desert, where you very certainly meet your death at the hands of a huge scorpion. However, if you manage to locate other people, you’ll be treated to some of the game’s darkest and funniest dialogue as you attempt to speak, shoot, or sneak your way out of difficulty. Fallout 2 is one of the few contemporary RPGs that truly offers this kind of flexibility and choice, but you can always count on your decisions having an immediate impact.

Resident Evil

Before Resident Evil, there had been horror adventure games, but Shinji Mikami, the game’s creator, combined exploitation film, expressionism, psychology, and clever puzzle design into a ground-breaking whole. The game’s numerous restrictions, such as the characters’ tank-like turning, the inaccurate nature of the weapons, and the stilted dialogue, all contributed to its appeal. These restrictions gave the impression that you were the star of your own tense, startling, and ridiculous cult horror video. And just consider the terrifying legacy it left behind.

Super Mario 64

Mario started the decade by unleashing the astounding 2D technicolor platforming genius of Super Mario World on the SNES, but Super Mario 64, released in 1997, revolutionized video gaming forever. Little can compare to the pure thrill of discovering this iconic game’s oddly angular, polygonal playgrounds while sprinting and jumping Mario around for the first time in three dimensions. Despite Lakitu’s questionable camerawork, Super Mario 64 remains one of the best 3D platformers ever created. It served as the model for all subsequent games in the genre.


The first-person shooter masterpiece by Valve, which features a chilly monorail train journey as its opening scene and tense explorations through a dark, destroyed lab facility while desperately fighting off alien headcrabs with a crowbar, contributed to the development of the rules for how video games can tell stories without copying the tropes of film. It also contributed to the evolution of the genre beyond recreated battles and power fantasies by eschewing the marine/superhero norm of shooter protagonists and placing you in the role of common scientist Gordon Freeman struggling to live as horrifying animals scurry around just out of sight.


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