The gaming industry is gaining tremendous popularity and lots of people are involved in it. There are various types of games are available like sports, quiz type, general knowledge, or other entertainment types. All these games are played by millions across the globe and there are few percentages of people who are addicted to them.

Game addiction is the case when someone spends unnecessary time gaming. Video game addiction is a very huge problem amongst most teenagers. Though this problem can have huge results for those experiencing it, its signs and symptoms can sometimes very difficult to recognize.

There are two types of games, single-player games, and multiplayer games. Also, addiction is of two types. There are various reasons for addiction, one is they are designed to be that way. There are two types of symptoms of addiction to games, emotional and physical.


* Feelings of restlessness or on the other hand crabbiness when unfit to play.

* Preoccupation with musings of past online action or expectation of the following on the web meeting.

* Lying to companions or relatives concerning time spent on gaming.

* Isolation from others to spend time gaming.


* There are chances of fatigue due to excessive gaming.

* Also there may be migraine issues due to intense concentration or eye strain.

* Carpal tunnel syndrome due to overuse of a controller.

* There are chances that those who are addicted to gaming may keep poor hygiene.

Those were the symptoms of gaming addiction and those symptoms should not be ignored.

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