Know the Hints, Tips, and Cheats for Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is a stylish first-person shooter with a few twists up its sleeve. You’re not simply pressing buttons to fire; you’re mixing hand motions to launch enormous strikes. It’s a cool concept, but there are a few things you’ll need to understand if you want to get the most out of the experience. That is why we have created this tutorial. It’s jam-packed with the best hints, tips, and tricks we’ve learned while playing Ninja Hands. These tactics are intended to guarantee that every attack you launch is as effective as possible.
There’ll be something here to help you out, whether you’ve already learned all the combos or are just starting to wiggle your fingers around. Isn’t that lovely? Here are the greatest Ninja Hands hints, tips, and cheats.

Different attacks will occur by combining your hand movements in different ways. To mention a few, there are fireballs, huge spiders, shrink rays, and knife showers. Try out the different combinations to see what they do, then pick the one that will help you the most. You have the opportunity to unlock unique moves and assists in between levels. If you wish to advance to the next level, you should concentrate on obtaining assistance.

You won’t always need one, so failing a level before watching a movie to unlock an attack dog or bomb chicken is sometimes the best option. Because you may not always be looking in the direction where the threat is coming from, swipe the screen to locate your foes. They could be approaching from numerous directions at the same time, so take a good look around and don’t assume the initial group you see is the only one. You’re not obligated to send your combo in one direction once you’ve tapped it out. Swipe the screen to change the trajectory of your shot if it appears to be missing your opponents.

This isn’t true for all of your assaults, but any that are based on a beam or distance can be shifted about after they’ve been shot. You’ll occasionally notice peculiar boxes in the environment; they are a terrific way to take out numerous adversaries in a single shot, so you should absolutely take advantage of them. However, be cautious when there are hostages around. It’s game over if you murder one of them.

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