Tips to look more stylish in school uniform

How to become more stylish in school uniform

We all find school uniforms boring. The same repeated pattern for years makes it appear boring and common. They are not the best for style, but they can make our morning easier. As we don’t have to
select any outfit for the day. As every school has its own dress code, you can style them in various ways.

Here are some tips to make you look more stylish even in school uniform-

1. Iron your school uniform regularly- Iron your uniform regularly to avoid wrinkles. This makes your uniform look more stylish and neat.
2. How to wear your shirt- If your school uniform shirt is long-sleeved, then cuff your sleeves to stand out a little.
3. Add another top- Wear a simple top underneath your school shirt, this adds a class and make you look more stylish.
4. Sweaters- Add up a sweater on your school uniform for a more stylish look.
5. Shoes- Pick a perfect pair of shoes. If your school has shoes decided according to the uniform go for it.
6. Socks- Go for patterned socks instead of plain socks.
7. Decorate your clothing- If you wear a sweater on top, then you can go for simple handwoven decoratives or decorative buttons on it.
8. Pick your gear- Get a small and stylish bag with correct accessories.
9. Hairstyles- Many schools have their strict rules and regulations, as per them you can only tie up your hair with ponytails or plates. At this you can go for a side partition to divide your hair.
10. Makeup- Keep your makeup simple with just some aromatic powder and a simple lip balm or lip gloss.

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