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Take tips to wear a perfect belt on every occasion

Belts To Wear For Different Occasions

Belts can make your outfits as well as break your outfits.

There are dress belts and casual belts, just like you have to go for a perfect pair of shoes. A dress belt can be worn on suits or business attire while a casual belt is worn with shorts or any jeans.

Here are some types of belts:-

  1. Classic
  2. Braided Or woven
  3. Statement
  4. Skinny
  5. Rope
  6. Wide
  7. Elastic
  8. Fabric

Leather belts are mostly used as dress belts.

Brown and black are two most suitable colours for a casual belt.

While going for a formal belt make sure you choose perfect colour and a suitable metal.

Opt a medium belt buckle as bigger belt buckle looks less formal.

The statement belt can prove to be appropriate for evening occasion while the woven or braided belt can be chosen for any traditional occasion when wearing any indo-western style dress.

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