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Brad Pitt is my fashion inspiration – Amal Sehrawat

Amal Sehrawat is one name in the TV industry who has literally built his career as an actor right from the grass-root level. He started as a model who collaborated with big brands all across the country and soon, his work was extremely well appreciated and received by the audience in Choti Sarrdarni. His character of Jagga is one of the most important of the show. Seeing Amal’s sexy ripped physique, everyone knows that he is a fitness enthusiast. But then, his wardrobe collection and fashion choices seem to be equally impressive as well. Amal engaged in a quick and crisp fashion-oriented conversation with us. Read to know more –

What is style for you in one word?

Comfort and being in own skin

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

Basketball Shorts

What style makes you feel sexy?

Basic blue denims with a crisp white shirt makes me feel sexy

Your fashion inspiration?

Brad Pitt

What would be your ‘Dress to Kill’ for a perfect date?

Linen pants with long linen loose shirt

Jackets or hats?


Sweatshirts or shirts?


Indian or western?


Jeans or pyjama?


Favourite Beachwear Fashion?

Swimming trunks with open Hawaiian shirt

Fashion advise to fans?

Bare minimum is the key, don’t overdo!

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