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To have a naturally fit body, it’s important to stay away from shortcuts – Amal Sehrawat

Amal Sehrawat is one such name in the TV industry who hasn’t had it easy. The actor who started as a model after collaborating with big brands all across the country has worked very hard to become an actor in the Indian Entertainment Industry. His work is extremely appreciated in Choti Sarrdarni where he plays the character of Jagga. He has also been a part of films like Satya 2 and Sarkar 2. Amal is considered to be a fitness enthusiast and when we asked him about why youngsters should avoid shortcuts to a good physique, he said and we quote,

” Yes its extremely important to be patient when you are working on your body. Body-building is an art and it requires time just like any other art form. Let it take 6 months or even a year. But let it build naturally. Gym trainers often advise people to take certain shakes and all but often don’t tell about the side-effects which are very wrong. The key is patience.”

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