Utkarsh Gupta the talented model and actor who is presently winning hearts in Sony TV’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 likes to wear the style that defines his personality. He wears the trendiest of outfits and looks extremely dashing in them.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com, Utkarsh talks about his fashion choices.

Check them here.

#Ishtyle for you in one word:

Style is one’s own identity. If anyone gets to know me, it is from my style, my perfume, my outfits

Favourite item in your wardrobe:

Hoodie. I love them. I find them very cosy.

The style that makes you feel smart:

The Capri plus Hoodie and my Jordan shoes. That’s the real me, makes me feel very

Your fashion inspiration:

I have seen my sister styling from childhood. I have learnt so much from my sister that I know everything about colour combination and dressing up. I credit my sister as my fashion inspiration

What would be your dress to kill on a perfect date:

Tucks on my date.

Sweatshirts or shirts:


Colour combination you prefer in your dressing style:

I like red and white, black and white and also grey, off-green, peach combinations

Your favorite accessory to go with your dress:

Nowadays, it is only my mask (laughs)

Indian or western:


Your favorite dress worn during lockdown: 

Bare body with Capri or Shorts

Favorite Beachwear Fashion:

Shirt and Capri with hat

What did you miss the most in dressing up during this lockdown:

I missed my shirts, Jordans. I missed my jeans, lowers, hoodies, also missed shopping too

Fashion advice to fans:

Wear with confidence. Your style makes your identity. Wear whatever looks good on you