Who wears the embellished saree best between Katrina Kaif and Pooja Hegde?

Katrina Kaif VS Pooja Hegde: Who Wore Embellished Saree Better?

When we talk about Indian cultural and traditional values getting reflected best in an outfit, there’s truly nothing better than the Kurta Pajama for men and saree for women. No matter how much we are influenced by the western world and western fashion, the truth is that the tables have turned. Nowadays, any foreign woman who comes to India considers her trip to be rather incomplete until and unless she’s tried donning the saree and got some nice photographs clicked. Sarees come in all shapes and forms and from the Kanjivaram silk saree to the super hot and bold transparent sleeveless ones, we have all variants and talking about two Indian actresses who absolutely love their saree fashion and prefer it more than anyone else, we can’t go anywhere without naming and admiring Katrina Kaif and Pooja Hegde in this regard.

The embellished saree or the sarees with a bit of an experimental draping style is not always the easiest to carry but being a fashion icon is all about the confidence from within and that’s exactly what makes these two ladies ‘queens’ in the real sense of the term. Both are absolutely ideal personifications of class and beauty whenever donning the embellished saree but who wears it better between the two?

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