Style in black with these tips

How To Make Perfect Style Statement In BLACK?

Black has been a perfect colour to style in. Black is simply classic and the most versatile colour of all.

Tips for choosing clothes:

1. Pick clothes of different fabrics and add interest with the texture.

2. Create a cohesive look by matching two pairs of same fabrics.

3. To accentuate your shape, opt for more fitted clothes.

4. To keep cool in summer choose light weight fabrics shorter hems.

Tips for creating outfits:

1. A black sweater with black jeans can go for a casual look.

2. For a laid back outfit-Black jacket with a black tee and pants.

3. To add contrast go for items with cutouts.

4. For a Feminine look- Black dress with high heels.

5. For a masculine look- Black shirt with black suit for formal look.

Tips to choose accessories:

1. Pair of statement shoes.

2. Dark sunglasses.

3. Classic black belt.

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