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In conversation with Deepthi Ganesh

Meet Deepthi Ganesh, an ace fashion designer from Hyderabad who talks about business downtrend

The world is experiencing a drastic change in the economy and major industries have come to a standstill. Amongst all, the couture, the textile industry is the most affected one owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Talking about the same a Hyderabad based designer Deepthi says, “We see a great downtrend in purchase. Why will they have to buy without any occasions?”

Deepthi Ganesh is a renowned fashion designer, well known in social and professional circles of South India. Hailing from Hyderabad, she has tonnes of rich accomplishments in creating innovative and highly successful designs for several movie actresses, models, and celebrities in her bag. Hailing from a family of professionals and doctors, left Deepthi with a target to mark in the field of fashion. Her collection of garments have been designed for new era women with its style cuts.

Deepthi says, “It is an unusual experience for the entire world, with the lockdown and everyone is going through a rough phase, finding it challenging to deal with the sudden change in lifestyle. The pandemic has shattered dreams and has disturbed all short term goals of entrepreneurs.” With a strong exposure to a wide range of traditional, western, modern, and fusion fashion styles for several years, Deepthi has been thoroughly exposed to the constantly changing trends of Indian and global fashion.

She adds, “It is very disheartening for a 30 trillion dollar industry to sustain with no revenue. As of now, we don’t see any hope for the industry to bloom anytime before 2021. Being one of the major industries contributing to Indian economy, the pandemic will have a drastic impact on the longer run.” She has catered to the very elite crowd in Hyderabad and styled many Tollywood celebrities. Understanding customer requirements and suggesting the right kind of silhouette for each body type, in-line with the current trend is her specialty.

She is now one among the most foreknown fashion stylists of India and plans to expand her base to international geographies with promising creativity, style, comfort and quality. Being the proud owner of a couture – Deepthi Ganesh Label, she has served more than 20,000 clients in the past 5 years in over 15 countries. She always gives a personal touch to the garments, by closely monitoring her workshop and uses raw silks, hand-woven pattu and moonga silk as base fabric for her creations.

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