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Sonia Singh talks about her fashion and style.

Style for me is being comfortable and confident: Sonia Singh

Popular television actress Sonia Singh has entertained viewers with her exemplary acting skills has been appreciated for her phenomenal performance in Dill Mill Gayye.

Sonia is not just known for her acting skills but also because of her fashion sense. Sonia never fails to impress us with her sartorial choices.

The actress got in a candid chat with for our fun fashion segment and spoke about her fashion and style.

What is #ishtyle for you in one word?

Style for me is being comfortable and confident in being yourself and expressing your moods through your clothes.

Favourite item in your wardrobe…

A smile. You wear a smile and everything you wear feels best.

What style makes you feel sexy?

I can feel sexy in anything I wear as long as I can carry it off with confidence and comfort or heels.

Your fashion inspiration

I’m not an inspired fashionista as yet. For me its love at first sight relation with clothes. I shop when I fall in love with a piece of clothing instantly.

What would be your ‘Dressed to Kill’ for a perfect date?

A long thigh-slit bodycon dress, heels, earrings and a beautiful hairdo.

Heels or flats


Fav Beachwear Fashion?


Fashion advise to fans

Wear clothes that fit you best nor loose neither tight. Wear what suits your own body type not what’s everyone is wearing. Your comfort will ooze out your confidence. Most importantly – love yourself!

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