Style In Sneakers: Timeless Tips

Timeless Tips To Style In Sneakers

Man’s shoes make the first subconscious impression on the observer. They’re a concluding phrase in one’s style statement.

Sneakers although are primarily casual yet, if worn properly, give an impressive resulting look of mixed dressing styles when matched with other attires that aren’t necessarily casual. Here are some evergreen tips to style those expensive sneaks with your desired attire.

1. Formal-casual mix: Most fall prey to the mistake of wearing slip-on sneakers on a peak lapel suit with ankle-length pants. The proper Sneakers to wear are ‘Old Skool’ or ‘The classic sneakers’ with no socks. Be sure the pattern of the suit cloth should be mildly casual like huge checks or vertical lines, the design should be minimal with a polo neck tee inside.

2. Party animal: This allows letting yourself explore the various combinations. Imagine yourself in mind of a cool loosely fitting beach shirt with knee-length khaki or moss green coloured 6 pocket chinos. Top it off with some Mid Top Jordans or Nike and there’s no party you’re not invited to. May add a fedora to complete the look.

3. Semi casual: Well this is to be the center of attention while not seeming like you’re asking for it. Solid colour slim fitting shirt tucked inside a perfectly fitting chino with a leather belt and tie a know over the leather sneakers that will make them drop their jaws.

4. Light fashion: For a stroll outside or just a walk to the park white apple cut shirt with solid coloured fine checks but with huge gaps, worn as a jacket over a solid mild coloured tee. A three fourth pant or shorts and a pair of denim or old skool sneakers.

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