Check out these five Potato Based Salads

If you love all the delicious meals created from potatoes, such as potato chips, fries, samosas, aloo Tikki burgers, and so on, you may have to give them up in order to lose weight. There is a strong possibility you won’t have to give up the delicious potatoes, even if it will undoubtedly take some time and work to spend a week without bingeing on chips. In fact, you can consume them as part of your diet and still slim down. How is that even doable? It’s because how the potato is prepared in this situation—not the potato itself—is what causes people to gain weight.

According to research, potatoes can cause fat cells to shrink, and their high potassium content can help prevent water retention, both of which contribute to the maintenance of a healthy weight. In addition to acting as a prebiotic and enhancing digestive health, potatoes are a fantastic source of energy. The resistant starch aids in the treatment of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other conditions by containing more soluble and insoluble fiber. Your weight-loss efforts will also be aided by a faster metabolism.

Therefore, the secret is to avoid deep-frying your potatoes and instead choose recipes that are delicious and made using less-oily techniques like boiling or baking. Try out some of these delicious, healthful, and simple potato recipes. The traditional technique uses less mayo without compromising flavor, so you won’t notice a thing. The sesame seed paste known as tahini is what gives hummus its distinct flavor. It turns out that it works just as well as mayo in a potato salad recipe. Dijon mustard and fresh herbs also enhance the flavor. This recipe for a vegan side dish gets its flavor boost from roasted garlic and pesto. The salad gets its color and crunch with some protein-rich hemp hearts and a little arugula. The potatoes are additionally baked for added toasted flavor. This potato salad is brought together by the tzatziki sauce’s herbaceous freshness, which is made of yogurt. Red onion and cucumber give a delightful crunch.

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