Handsome hunk Prem Shilu, who appeared as a contestant on MTV Roadies – Karm Ya Kaand, is extremely serious about his fitness routine and does not miss out on hitting the gym and working on his body. In a fun fitness segment, Prem revealed his workout routine, cheat food, and more. Read on:

What is your cheat food?

I give myself a cheat day where I annihilate my diet. Though I don’t have a proper-proper diet at the end of the day, I am a Gujarati Boy and that too who belongs to Surat, so it has to be Surti Locho. It is one type of Gujarati street food that can be enjoyed as breakfast, a snack, or as a light dinner or can also be considered as a whole meal. The flavors, the texture, and the aroma are just mind-blowing! It is just too tempting. It’s sheer love at first bite.

Favourite exercise?

Training is my meditation, and specifically, a cardio workout gives me wholesome energy. A cardio workout increases blood flow and acts as a filter system. I like doing at least 15 minutes of cardio daily if I can fit it into my schedule.

Fruits or juices?

I will always choose fruits over juices as I firmly believe fruits must be an indispensable part of our daily diet if we wish to lead disease-free health. They come with numerous health benefits owing to the presence of crucial nutrients, and their consumption can cure deficiency problems and regulate the body’s physiological functions.

Stairs or lift?

My go-to choice is always stairs because taking the stairs instead of the elevator can provide numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health. Taking the stairs also burns calories. And, when fewer people use elevators, stair use can also reduce building energy consumption.

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

It’s not always easy to get up in the morning and do what you plan to do, like run or start writing. That’s where morning routine quotes come into play. If you start the day right, you are likelier to have a good, productive day and be proud of yourself in the evening. I start my day with a glass of lukewarm water, and as my work is all about social media, I’ve to check my mailbox after that, and then I start with my normal routine.

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sudden shift in the dynamics of mental and physical health. Need a little kick in the rear to get motivated all day in the home? So to keep up with my physical health, I usually used to do my workout on the terrace by doing push-ups and pull-ups.

Walking or Jogging

Run, run, and run! The more your body cries out as sweat, the more physically and mentally fit you are. Waking up early in the morning and jogging for half an hour is all you need to overcome your mental health issues and make yourself strong because I don’t run to add days to my life. I run to add life to my days.

Your take on health suppliments

You may be trying to combat a vitamin deficiency or lower your risk of certain diseases, or you may feel proactive about your health after popping a supplement that promises to improve your health, but sorry, there’s no magic bullet. You got to eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. So eating healthy and natural food should always be included in your regime.

Best way to burn calories

Dance burns more calories than running, swimming, or cycling. Like most aerobic or cardio exercise forms, dancing has many health benefits, including weight loss. Besides burning many calories, dancing can also increase your muscle strength.

One tip for everyday fitness?

Sometimes, no matter how important your goals are to you, it’s a struggle to bring your best effort by being positive. Getting to the gym, working out, and prioritizing your fitness aren’t easy, I know that, but staying on track and working toward your health goals is essential. The most important thing is to try and inspire people to be great in whatever they want to do because the more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you attract great things into your life.