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Revealed! Simple diet meal plan of Katrina Kaif

When it comes to fitness and dieting, Katrina Kaif is one actress who never really likes to mess it up. She’s extremely particular about what she is consuming as she always wants to look her hottest best. Katrina puts in an immense amount of hard work on her regular fitness regime and one cannot look super fit and hot with just a good fitness routine. In order to look super fit and sexy, one has to have the ideal blend of diet and workout and that’s what Katrina focusses on all the time. A lot of inquisitive fans of Katrina have always shown interest when it comes to knowing her diet. So what exactly does Katrina’s diet look like? Today, we reveal it all to you.

As per India Today (Lifestyle), Katrina Kaif follows a very nutrition-rich diet. Her breakfast is composed of oats and nuts.

For lunch, she likes to have a nice blend of protein and fibres and for that, fish and vegetables serve the purpose.

For snacks, Katrina likes a few dry fruits, nuts & some healthy vegan protein snacks to beat the hunger pangs and for dinner, she keeps it simple with eggs & soup.

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