Know the health benefits of having an afternoon nap

4 Health Benefits Of Taking An Afternoon Nap

Our mind loves naps. Taking an afternoon nap is proved good for children as well as adults. We are all deprived of napping in some or other way. We take a nap at the wrong time of the day and for a long time.

1. Taking a proper nap helps you reduce fatigue and relaxes your body.
2. Taking a nap at a proper time increases your mood.
3. Having a nap increases alertness.
4. A nap for a proper time improves performance and better memory.

Take a nap for only 15-20 minutes for better health performance. If you take a long time nap it will make you feel groggy. Do not take a nap after 3 pm this will interfere in your night sleep. Take a nap in a dark, quiet room with right room temperature. There should not be any distractions around.

A good afternoon nap is associated with a reduction in coronary mortality as it reduces cardiovascular stress.

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