Diet VS Exercise: What Is Best For Weight Loss?

What Is Best For Weight Loss: Diet VS Exercise?

Weight loss is now the goal of many people, and this long lockdown has been quite long and almost every one of us has gained weight due to overeating. Also, the gyms are closed for safety reasons. but you can still lose weight by exercise and diet. But which one is more effective in losing weight.

Diet is important as when you don’t look upon what you consume after exercise can make all your efforts go waste. To lose 1 pound of fats, you need to cut down roughly 500 calories per day or 55 minutes of Zumba without stopping. You need to work out for more time to lose 1 pound of fat that you do easily just by cutting down some calorie intake. But you won’t be able to build muscles with diet, though following a healthy diet is important, exercise is more important to build muscles. But in dieting, you can eat some of your favourite foods in a healthy way. Some healthy foods are whole eggs, green leafy vegetables, kinds of seafood.

You can get exhausted by too much workout and that can even put stress on your muscles, but following a healthy diet will keep your body healthy as well as keep you energetic. The best way to lose weight is by exercising and following a diet simultaneously, calorie restriction and regular exercise will give you quick result when losing weight.

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